Project Management Consultancy

A project management consultancy is a professional Consulting firm with knowledge and experience in the specialized area of assisting organizations to improve their practice of project, program management. The areas these firms focus on also include the supporting environment and necessary leadership that enables projects and programs to accelerate the implementation of an organizations’ strategy and the achievement of business results.
Globe Consulting Group is a construction management consulting firm that provides professional services to companies within the construction and engineering industries. Globes construction management consultants collaborate with its clients to help them exceed industry standards and improve performance Serving a wide range of industries and construction projects, we blend diverse expertise with keen foresight to facilitate projects and mitigate risk. Whether you’re an owner, contractor, attorney, surety or other construction professional, we can assist you in achieving project success, from the ground up.

Professional Services

Simplifying the complex. Globe Consulting Group provides the industry experience, commitment and proven results your project needs to help see it through completion. A multi-disciplined construction engineering consulting firm, we provide the innovative solutions for the proactive and forensic support you need to deliver your project on time and within budget.

Construction Consulting Services

  • Project Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Program Management Oversight
  • Critical Path Method Scheduling
  • Schedule Delay Analysis
  • Construction Cost Estimating
  • Construction Claims Preparation & Evaluations

Project Planning

Plan to succeed: With some thoughtful planning you can ensure your project’s success before it begins. From establishing scope and viability, to budget, schedule and team requirements, to process implementation and ongoing evaluation, Globe can help tailor a plan for your specific project needs. This includes gauging risk and developing mitigation strategies that will help you save time and money. From concept to closeout, we’ll help you develop a plan you can build on.

Globe’s team of experts can assist you with the conceptual planning and development of your program management systems including financials, contracts and schedules. Globe’s conceptual planning and project development services include:

Construction Planning Services

  • Strategic Project Planning
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Project Due Diligence
  • Front End Planning
  • Strategic Asset Management
  • Sustainability Consulting
  • Project5cOpeDevejopment

Risk Management Services

More foresight, fewer setbacks: You can identify, prevent and mitigate potential costly delays and disruptions before breaking ground or during project execution with Globe’s risk management services. Our construction experts understand the changing engineering and construction industries and draw upon years of experience to provide cost-effective solutions to that work. We’ll be there throughout the construction process, helping you to make informed decisions and keep your project moving forward.

Globe provides construction and engineering risk management by identifying and analyzing potential risks that may occur throughout the construction process. Globe’s construction management team performs risk assessments on construction projects to assist our clients in preventing and mitigating costly potential delays and disruptions.

As the complexity of construction and engineering projects changes, the magnitude of risk involved for owners, contractors, architects, and engineers increases the possibility of negative impacts and damages on projects. Globe recognizes this potential. Our construction risk consultants adapt to the continuously changing engineering and construction industries while maintaining proven practices and procedures throughout the construction process.

Construction Risk Management Services

  • Risk Identification
  • Disaster Prevention & Relief Planning
  • Probability Assessments
  • Constructability Review
  • Multi-variable Regression Analysis
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Modeling Risk Profiles
  • Cost Escalation Analysis
  • Risk Monitoring
  • Schedule Forecasting
  • Cost Forecasting
  • Delays & Disruptions
  • Decision Risk Analysis
  • Damage Assessment

Globe provides construction program management services. Globe’s construction program management teams work closely with owners, architects, engineers, and other construction consultants to provide seamless integration between all stages of the construction process. From concept or pre-construction to project closeout, Globe’s construction and engineering consultants provide proactive problem solving solutions for any construction program.

By assigning individuals with specialized project-specific knowledge, Globe’s program management consultants serve as an integral part of each project team. Globe works hard to ensure that projects come in on time and within budget.

Program Management Services

  • Architect/Engineer Services
  • Contract Risk Analysis
  • Constructability Reviews
  • Value Engineering
  • Cost Management
  • Construction Bid Evaluation
  • Change Order Reviews
  • Schedule Oversight
  • Quality Assurance & Control
  • Performance & Productivity Assessments